Blue Reef Boardlife was quite literally born by accident! In 2014 I was involved in a horrific industrial accident that very nearly cost me my life; six months of recovery gave me plenty of time to re-evaluate what life was really all about.

I have been a Joiner and Cabinet Maker for over 30 years.  As well as having a passion for creating beautiful objects with wood I also have an obsession for surfing and everything else that goes with it. I have been an adrenalin junkie for as far back as I can remember, competing on BMXs in the eighties, racing in Motocross in the nineties and on to Motorcycle Road Racing at British championship level thereafter. All through this time surfing and skating has been a constant.

Following the accident it was impossible to surf without being in incredible pain, so to fill that void I combined my skills with wood and my love for the surf scene to build my own longboard skateboard. I created an “old school” surf style longboard to go cruising on and man…it was awesome! It took about a month to get the smile off of my face! While out and about I encountered so much interest in my board it gave me an even greater buzz.  Due to the amount of interest I made some more boards which sold before they were even finished, so the seed was sewn for this new business to grow.

Now I have a workshop in Kent to create my boards and being the ultimate wood nerd I spend hours hand picking each piece of wood for its grain, colour and character. I view each and every board as a piece of art that you can ride and admire.

So choose a board off of our site and I will hand craft it for you or if you have a design in mind I am more than happy to help you create it…so what are you waiting for?

Bye for now,


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John Wingate

Founder & Carpenter


Matt Ellis

Carpenter & Electrician



Project Supervisor


Liz Wingate

Art & Skateshop Team


Elliot Herbert

Art & Skateshop Team


Tim & Otis

Head of Security