For the last 10 years we at Blue Reef have been creating bespoke camper interiors mainly for the classic market. With our joinery knowledge and skills developed over the last 30 years you can expect something special using a range of different materials, but being the joiners that we are we just love working with wood with its natural grain and tactile feel it really can’t be beaten.


More recently we have moved into camper conversions on modern vans mainly VW T5s and 6s so taking a van through the whole build to full camper conversion.

So you can rest assured with our joinery knowledge even in our modern camper conversions you will get something a bit special. John takes his interior design inspiration from his love of the surf, coastal and skate scene to create truly individual and stylish furniture for your van.


T2 Splitscreen

& Bay Windows


Type 5 Conversions


Type 6 Conversions


Van Accessories


Our beautifully handcrafted boards come in all shapes, sizes and wood types. Blue Reef have been crafting one-off longboards and cruisers to order for the last 6 years alongside the campers, and they come fully fitted with griptape, Paris trucks and a set of size-suitable wheels.

  • Longboards

  • Cruisers

  • Land Paddle Boards

  • Skateboard Wall Pieces


For a proper look on some of our previous builds, head over to the gallery or visit us in store. Get in contact with us for your own, or check out the skate store.